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Argentina Red Surcos expands operation to Bolivia, Paraguay

11 Ene 2019

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages
The main agrochemical company in Argentina, Red Surcos, continues to consolidate its regional expansion, spreading the country's agricultural technology also through Bolivia and Paraguay. 
According to the company, the fact that South America expects to harvest about 180 million tons of soybeans in this harvest, makes the company decide to invest more and more.
According to Antonio Cavaglia, marketing manager of Red Surcos, the company's products are being widely used throughout the continent. In Bolivia, the company will have its own office, warehouse and sales team. "There, we register the products of the Elite line, with nanotechnology, which are well accepted," he said.
"Just seven days after controlling weeds with our 2, 4-D, you can see the plants being born in excellent condition, in a clean lot, since the herbicide has no negative impact on the crop if applied until that period before implementation," he said.
The company said that Bolivia and Paraguay have great potential for growth. In both countries there is a strong influence of Brazilian and Argentinean producers and the technology that comes from these countries. Red Surcos has offices in both, and both provide what is produced in its factories in the provinces of Santa Fe and Buenos Aires.
"In short, we are exporting Argentinian knowledge and work," added Sebastian Calvo, president of Red Surcos, analyzing the international expansion of the company, which is also establishing itself in the world capital of wheat (Russia and Ukraine), where it has already received exclusive patents for its products with nanotechnology.

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